When Opportunity meets Business .


In 2018, Jerrimica Moore made the decision to abruptly end a partnership of 6 years from a previous greek paraphernalia company and from that a business was born.

With over 25 years of Supply Chain and Quality experience, Jerrimica and her business partner Dehavillyn Mack became co-owners in Luxury Nalia in the fall of 2018.  They never saw themselves as owners of a greek paraphernalia company, but as faith would have it, that is what they have become.

Luxury Nalia is a luxury paraphernalia company supporting two keys business; Apparel and Luxury Bags. Our mission is to deliver a great quality product to our fellow GREEKS.

As the owners of Luxury Nalia, they are thrilled to introduce you to their new brand!
















we make

things beautiful

We are a full service custom apparel shop creating
beutiful products to elevate beutiful; brands

Discover, Design, Elevate

Discover a range of amazing products to suite your style and budget.

Design retail quality garments using our online designer.

Elevate your brand with apparel that shapes your story.

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